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What are the benefits of mediation?

Research conducted by The Joseph Rowntree Foundation with Newcastle University identified that three years later couples felt that mediation had helped them to:

 End the marital relationship amicably

  • Reduce conflict
  • Maintain good relationships with their ex-spouses
  • Carry less bitterness and resentment into their post-divorce lives.
  • Be more content with existing child care arrangements and less   likely   to have disagreements about child contact.
  • Be able to reach agreement that had survived the test of time.
  • Be glad they had used mediation.


Two independent quotes:

The first is from The Which Guide to Divorce.

“Couples who have successfully resolved their disputes wisely, efficiently and cost effectively through mediation certainly need no convincing of its benefits in comparison to costly, time consuming, antagonistic litigation processes which lead only to pyrrhic victories.”


The second is from Lord Woolf who said:

“Skilled mediators are now able to achieve results satisfactory to both parties in many cases which are quite beyond the powers of the lawyers and the courts to achieve”.

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