What is Family Mediation

If you are separating or divorcing then mediation can help you to resolve issues such as, what will happen to the house, how your finances are arranged and help you to make arrangements for your children, if you're married, unmarried, a parent or grandparent.


It begins with an informal information meeting with the mediator. This meeting is called a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting or MIAM for short. At this meeting, the mediator will explain what happens in mediation, and ask you about the issues you wish to sort out. All conversations are confidential.


After this first information meeting, If you both wish to go ahead, your mediation meetings will be arranged, and you then come along at the same time.  During the meetings, the mediator will work with you both, to help you settle the issues that need sorting out, and record any decisions you make. When mediation has finished, these decisions can be made legally binding if you wish.


It's much cheaper and quicker than going along the legal route, and is less stressful too. Mediation is usually completed in 3 meetings for children, property and finance issues, and 1 to 2 meetings for children's issues alone.  


Call me, Elaine, on 01245 472783,  if I'm not available, leave a message and  I'll call you back later in the day, or in the evening. All conversations are confidential.

The video below gives information regarding what happens when a child arrangements application is made to a court.