The Mediation Place

The Mediation Place provides family mediation in Chelmsford, Essex, at affordable rates for people who are experiencing or have experienced relationship breakdown, and need help sorting out the practical and financial arrangements regarding their house, finances and children.


From your first contact, you will speak directly with the mediator and this direct contact will continue throughout your mediation. If you'd like to start and finish your mediation in one day, this can be arranged, just ask!  Call me, Elaine, on 01245 472783, if I'm not available, leave a message and I'll call you back later in the day or in the evening.



Understanding Family Mediation

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Client comments...

'...We've been saved a lot of stress as well as cash, thank you very much...we've now had our consent order, we're amazed at what we managed to achieve in 3 meetings with your help,... everything sorted out, my solicitor was impressed...'

'...I'd never heard of mediation, I'm so glad a friend told me about it,... we'd been arguing for months, life is so much more peaceful now and the children know exactly when they're going to see Dad...'